Welcome to Avington Trout Fishery

Set in the heart of Hampshire, one of the oldest and finest still-water trout fisheries in the country, famous for its clear water stalking and large fish.

Three crystal-clear lakes stocked with superb quality Rainbow and Brown Trout from 4lb to high doubles. 

Plus, a carrier stretch of the world-renowned River Itchen stocked with grayling. 

Avington Trout Fishery has been established since the late 1960s, created by the late, great Sam Holland, a pioneer in the world of still water trout fishing. The original lake was a continuous narrow lake and so silted up that only a few inches of water existed above the mud. Sam set about widening, deepening and clearing the lake, dividing it into three smaller lakes totaling nine acres. He also diverted the main flow of the water to prevent silting again, and in the process produced the chalk-stream carrier that you still see today that runs alongside the lakes.

Today, the lakes are fringed with marginal growth of sedges, flowering rush, yellow iris and marsh marigolds, which provide cover for the stalking angler.  There is also good shade and cover afforded to the trout and angler by large stands of trees including alder, crack willow, hawthorn, London planes and beautiful oak.  

The lakes are stocked everyday with high quality triploid rainbows, which are all reared on site in the fishery’s own stock ponds.  The water clarity throughout the season is superb – clear water stalking is possible even on heavily overcast days!  For this reason, Avington is also an ideal venue for the novice angler as they can see the fish they are casting to, which makes it so much more enjoyable and is a great confidence booster.

The record rainbow currently stands at 28lb, caught by Paddy Hill, October 2000

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"Avington has one huge advantage over most fisheries up and down Britain. It is right on the edge of the River Itchen, one of the premier chalk-streams and fishing spots in the country, providing it with the most incredible gin clear water, perfect for sight fishing"
Simon Cooper
Fishing Breaks MD
"People come from all over the world to fish here, because of the clarity of the water. The lakes here are crystal clear, we have the right type of water, the right type of weed, the right type of insect and the trout are very happy, and they get large on it!"
Gilly Bate
Angling Instructor


Winter Months 8am to 4pm 

Summer Months 8am to 5pm 

Closed Tuesdays 



01962 779 312

Avington Trout Fishery, Avington, Winchester, Hampshire, SO21 1BZ