Monthly Report January 2020

A great start to the year here at Avington. Although the weather is often dark and moody which can make for challenging stalking conditions it has proved a very successful trip for many. Congratulations to those that have caught “a fish of a lifetime”.
As water levels remain high and clarity is reduced the resident fish are moving out of their territorial holdings searching for food in the less turbid areas. Many of the specimen fish have appeared from nowhere, out of the depths,  caught in the slower moving deeper spots; this is certainly evident on colder high pressure days. While Damsels and Cats Whiskers are still the dominant fly of choice, much success has been had with Blood Worm, Hares Ears and Buzzers, especially when chasing the big brownies.
Many of us are looking ahead to spring, I am pleased to say It feels as though the winter is slowly leaving us, snow drops, daffodils and birds beginning to pair up, it is a welcome sight but also a stark reminder of all the winter jobs still left to do!