Smoked Trout

The legendary Avington Trout fishing is known to all of you who have enjoyed a days fishing with us. But did you know that we also sell and exchange smoked trout.

We will exchange your fish caught on the day, for smoked trout fillets held in stock (subject to being available), 2 caught trout = 1 smoked fillet.

All smoked trout is vacuum packed and frozen.

About the Trout

This is not the bland, slimy, flaccid, tasteless, product you can buy at any Super Market. Our fish is dry, full flavoured, and strong.  It is for the mature palate. You need very little, to fill the palate with Joy.

The distinctive flavour of Avington smoked Trout is achieved by using seasoned mature oak sawdust, and prior dry curing, as opposed to “brining”. Our product is intentionally dry.

On your next visit to the Fishery, ask for a taster.

It must be one of the finest ways to eat our fish. Try it – you’ll see.